Contact lenses for winter sports

Contact lenses can be a real game changer for athletes by improving their comfort, raising their performance levels, and ensuring safety. And, they’re especially convenient for winter sports. Whether you’re an avid skier or just an occasional snow bunny, here’s what you need to know about contact lenses for winter sports.

Benefits of contact lenses

Contact lenses offer a number of benefits for athletes and can help improve your performance and comfort level. Wearing contact lenses enables perfect peripheral vision, so your field of vision is not limited by your glasses frames. They can also enhance your depth perception, which can be critical on the slopes. Perhaps most importantly, though, wearing contacts enables you to wear ski goggles or sunglasses and helmets comfortably. Goggles and polarised sunglasses provide protection against sun damage from UV rays, which are especially strong in sunny, snowy conditions.

What to discuss with your optician

Whether your commitment to winter sports is casual or more dedicated, it’s important to consult with your optician to find the best lenses for your lifestyle. If you’re headed to the mountains for a ski holiday, you may want to consider daily disposable contact lenses for their convenience. Your optician can also recommend lenses that are equipped with UV filters for added protection against sun damage.

Contact lenses and safety for athletes

Beyond their comfort and convenience, contact lenses are certainly the safest option for sports people. Accidents do happen, and broken glasses frames or lenses can cause serious eye trauma. The improved visual acuity afforded by contact lenses means you’ll be able to avoid hazards on the slopes that may be impossible with glasses. And, goggles and helmets will fit perfectly, so you can enjoy your next ski holiday (or snowball fight) comfortably and safely.


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