Removing contact lenses - step by step

Just like inserting contacts, removing them merely take a little practise. To make your life easier, we've prepared yet another easy step-by-step guide to removing contact lenses. And keep in mind, proper hygiene is always the key.

How to Remove Contact Lenses

Always wash your hand thoroughly before handling lenses

Before you start, wash your hands as you did before you put them in. If you wear make up, be sure to remove your lenses before washing your face. You should also prepare everything you will need in a clean, well-lit room. Make sure you have your contact lens case, solution, mirror, and any other tools you may need. If you're travelling, you can find all these items in one handy contact lens kit.

Step 1 (Optional)

Moisten your lenses to remove them more easily

Start by lubricating your eyes with eye drops or eye spray. This can help moisten the lenses and make them easier to remove. One or two drops in each eye should be sufficient, and it can make the process easier and more comfortable, especially if you have chronically dry eyes, or find they’re more dry at the end of the day.

Step 2

Look up and slowly pull your lower eyelid down with your middle finger from your dominant hand. This might sound easy but do be careful and gentle when touching the sensitive skin around the eye area. Don’t rush yourself, and do this step calmly and slowly.

Step 3

Gently touch the lens with the index finger of the same hand and slide the lens down to the lower white part of your eye. This can be a little bit tricky, but don’t worry. It’s important to slide the lens to the white part of the eye to avoid touching or potentially scratching your cornea.

Step 4

Place your lens in a case with fresh solution

Gently squeeze the lens with your index finger and thumb, and place the contact in the case with fresh contact lens solution. Discard the lenses if they are already past their durability date. Also, don’t forget to keep your contact lens case clean and replace it with a new one with every new bottle of solution, or at least every three months.

Step 5

Now repeat the process using the same hand with the other eye, step by step as you did it with your first eye.

Congratulations - you have successfully removed and stored your contact lenses! With practice and proper maintenance, inserting and removing your contact lenses will become a quick and easy part of your daily routine.

Follow these steps carefully to help maintain optimum eye health, comfort, and quality of vision. Your eyes and your lenses will thank you.

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