Monthly contact lenses

Monthly contacts have a wearing period of 30 days. Because of this longer wearing time, they need to be cleaned and stored in a cleaning solution for at least 8 hours after use each day. They must not be worn longer than one month. If you are considering the difference between monthly and daily contact lenses, it’s important to remember monthly lenses present a slightly higher risk for people with very sensitive eyes. But, for normal users, the benefit of monthly contact lenses is that they are the cheapest option for daily wear and can be safe and comfortable with proper care, handling, and storage.

If you are looking for high-quality monthly lenses at a bargain price, we highly recommend the TopVue Air hydrogel lenses or the newest generation TopVue Monthly PLUS with an even higher oxygen permeabillity level. Both lenses offer superior comfort due to their advanced hydrogel material.

Our best monthly contacts online

In addition to the TopVue family, we also offer a wide range of other high-quality brands. Biofinity are monthly silicone hydrogel contact lenses manufactured by Cooper Vision. Their material combines a high water content with excellent oxygen permeability. Biofinity lenses have an aspheric front surface, which improves the optical properties of the lens. Air Optix Aqua are monthly contact lenses by Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision) designed for daily wear. They feature high oxygen permeabillity and comfort, thanks to their material called Lotrafilcon B. Another favourite brand of monthly contact lenses with a great balance between quality and price is Purevision 2 HD by producer Bausch and Lomb.

We also offer monthly contact lenses you can sleep in (Air Optix Night and Day Aqua) for up to 30 days continuously. This method of wear should first be consulted with your optician.
Our wide range of monthly contact lenses includes options for toric and multifocal lenses for users with astigmatism or presbyopia.

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