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The following informative page is designed to help you with some of the most common questions regarding your order on Alensa.co.uk. If you haven't found the answer to your query on one of the following pages, read on for more helpful information.

My account on Alensa

Making an order on Alensa

Order shipment and delivery

Returning or exchanging

My account on Alensa

Here you will find the answer to some of the most common questions regarding customer accounts on Alensa.co.uk.

1. I can’t log in or have forgotten my password.

Contact our customer service team for assistance. We can reset your password or walk you through the process of resetting it yourself, as you wish.

2. Where can I find my available credit?

Your available credit balance is indicated at the top right corner of our website when you are logged into your account on Alensa.co.uk. This amount will automatically be applied to your next order that meets the minimum amount required.

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Making an order on Alensa

This section of our troubleshooting guide tackles the most common questions you may encounter when placing an order via Alensa.co.uk.

3. I can’t find the parameters indicated on my prescription.

Speak with your optician if you are unable to find suitable parameters to match your prescription. It is sometimes possible to wear a slightly different BC or diameter than that which you have been prescribed, but only with your optician’s guidance. If you have trouble navigating the website to choose your parameters, contact our customer service team who can guide you through the process.

4. What is the order confirmation email?

This email is automatically sent when an order is placed on Alensa. It confirms your reservation of products, and does not indicate that a payment has been made.

5. You’re charging me shipping – why?

We’re pleased to offer four affordable and efficient delivery options. Standard shipping with GLS and Royal Mail is always free for orders over £49. Orders over £49 also qualify for express shipping with DHL or UPS at reduced rates. If you are being charged for shipping, please verify the delivery method you have chosen, and the cost or your order before shipping charges are applied. We occasionally offer free delivery through email campaigns. During these promotions, the free delivery threshold is reduced. Please check the terms and validity of any free delivery promotional emails you receive.

6. My post code isn’t accepted.

Please ensure you enter your UK post code according to the format specified. This may include a space between letter and number groups, and require capital letters. International post codes will not be accepted. Please contact our customer service representatives if you encounter any error.

7. The price of my lenses has changed.

Occasionally we must assess our prices according to fluctuations in the UK market, competitors’ prices, requirements set by the manufacturers, and other economic factors. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is a normal response to economic changes. We will always work with you directly if you find a lower competitive price elsewhere on the UK market.

8. What does the “On stock – waiting to receive payment” email mean?

If you receive this email, please check your PayPal or bank account to ensure that your payment has been successful. Please be aware that there may be occasional, slight delays when verifying payment information. If you have confirmation from your bank or PayPal account that your payment has been successful, please contact our customer service staff and send this payment verification by email.

9. My order is not (or partially) in stock.

If your order is not in stock, you will be informed on the product page after selecting your parameters from the dropdown menu. You will be informed again in the delivery basket page with an approximate date of dispatch. Orders containing both in stock and out of stock products will be dispatched only when all products are available.

10. My discount wasn’t applied.

Please ensure the discount you are attempting to use applies to the products you have selected. For example, TopVue codes are only valid on TopVue products. If you are attempting to use a code from a promotional email, the discount should be applied to your account automatically after clicking the link in the email. You may always enter the code manually in the coupon code box in the basket page before checkout. Please also ensure that any code you are attempting to use has not expired. Discount codes will not be honoured past their expiration dates. Please contact our customer service representatives if you require assistance or clarification regarding a discount code.

11. Can I pick up from or return to your London address?

No. Our London address is for returns only. We have no stock or staff at this address, therefore it is not possible to pick up your orders from this location. You may, however, return items to this address Monday-Friday 8am to 7pm and Saturdays 10am-6pm. You’ll find more information about this address on our return procedure page.

12. I didn’t get my free gift.

Free gifts are available with orders over £60 and must be selected at the time of checkout. If you have reached this minimum and did not choose or receive a gift, please contact our customer service team. We will be happy to include a gift with your next purchase or provide store credit in the amount of one of our gifts for you to use at your convenience. These gifts cannot be exchanged or traded in for cash.

13. I accidentally made multiple orders – will I be charged?

You will only be charged for orders for which payment has been completed. You may receive a confirmation of order, but this is not a confirmation of payment. If you do not enter your payment information at any stage in the order process, you will not be charged. Please alert our customer service staff if you have made multiple orders (paid or unpaid) so that we may cancel any unnecessary orders and free up the stock for other customers.

14. I haven’t received any confirmation of my order.

Please check your spam or junk folder if you have not received confirmation of your order or dispatch. If you have not received any electronic communication regarding your order within 24 hours, please contact our customer service staff for assistance.

15. Can you recommend a contact lens solution?

All of the solutions we offer are suitable for use with all types and brands of soft contact lenses. Please see your eye care specialist for specific advice and recommendations based on your unique needs and lifestyle considerations. Please note that hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions require more vigilant care and maintenance. Although they are safe for use with all types of soft contact lenses, it’s important to consult their use with your optician first.

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Order shipment and delivery

The answers to some of the most common queries regarding delivery and shipment can be found here.

16. My order hasn’t arrived.

Orders are processed Monday-Friday, and our delivery partners also operate only on business days. Please verify when you order was placed, when you received notification of dispatch, and the expected delivery timeframe suggested by the delivery partner before contacting customer service. If the anticipated number of days for delivery has expired, you are welcome to contact our customer service representatives, who will assist you in tracking your parcel.

17. I didn’t receive a notification from the delivery courier.

Upon receipt and dispatch of your order, we will provide you with confirmation emails that will confirm the tracking details of the courier. You can provide this information directly to the courier company to accurately track your parcel.

18. Tracking shows my parcel is in another country.

Our logistics centres are based in the Czech Republic; therefore all parcels are dispatched from our Central European warehouse. You can read more about our home base and logistics considerations on our About Us page.

19. Delivery was attempted when I wasn’t home.

If no one is available at the time of delivery, the courier usually makes a second attempt the next working day. Re-delivery can also be arranged by contacting the courier company directly and quoting your tracking number or by contacting our customer service team.

20. Packaging arrived damaged.

DO NOT ACCEPT damaged packages from the delivery courier. By refusing the damage parcel, the delivery company must record and take responsibility for the damage. When this procedure is followed, we are able to open a claim and quickly replace or refund your goods.

21. Tracking is wrong – I was home at time of “delivery.”

Please check the address details you provided when placing your order to ensure these are correct. Contact our customer service team or the delivery company, who will investigate and arrange for re-delivery.

22. I ordered for next-day delivery, and it hasn’t arrived.

Our fastest, most efficient options for delivery are with DHL and UPS couriers. The services provided ensure delivery within 1-2 business days. The arrival of your order depends on the time the order was placed and subsequently dispatched. While it is entirely possible for an order to arrive with you within 24 hours, it is by no means a guarantee. Please read more about delivery terms and conditions.

23. My address is incorrect, and the parcel has already been sent. What now?

Please contact our customer service staff as soon as you recognise any error. We will do our best to pass this information on to our delivery partners while the parcel is in transit. In some situations, it is more effective for you to contact the delivery company directly. In these cases, we will provide you all the necessary contact information. Some delivery partners require at least one delivery attempt before any amendments can be made to a delivery address. Please contact our customer service staff for more information.

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Returning or exchanging

The section covers the most frequent concerns customers might have regarding exchanging or returning a product.

24. I received the wrong products.

In the rare case that you have received products you did not order, please send us a photograph of the items received. (For example: if you ordered a box of 6 lenses, and you received a box of 3, please send us a photo of the front of the box for verification purposes). Once we verify an error on our part, we will act quickly to help you return the incorrect items at our expense and send the correct products as quickly as possible.

25. I need to exchange for a different brand/product. Can you charge me accordingly?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to adjust for differently priced products. If you are exchanging a product for one of a different price, we must ask you to first return the original product for a refund and place a new order for the alternate product at your convenience.

26. I returned some products – what now?

Upon receipt of goods in undamaged, re-sellable condition, a refund or exchange will be processed promptly. We ask that you return products to us only via registered post, so the parcel may be tracked. If you have not heard from our customer service staff regarding your return, please contact us. Occasionally we receive parcels returned to us with no identifying information, making it impossible to investigate. Please always include a note with your customer information and instructions with any returned items.

27. I’m still waiting for my refund.

Please note that refunds will not be processed while parcels are in transit. They must be returned to us and received in undamaged, re-sellable condition before any refund will be processed. If you have confirmation that we have received your return and are still awaiting the funds, please first check your bank or PayPal account, and then contact our customer service staff. We will be happy to verify any transactions with our accounting department.

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