Optima Pharmazeutische

Optima is a German pharmaceutical company established in 1984. Their focus is on the development of products to treat dry eye syndrome, and one of their leading products is Tears Again eye spray.

Tears Again Eye Spray 10 ml

Tears Again is an eye spray designed for moisturising eyes and eyelids. It is not applied as a traditional eye drop, but rather as a spray, which is applied to the closed eyelids, helping to reduce irritation and dryness. This revolutionary eye spray contains vitamins A and E for added moisture. The formula helps stabilise the lipid layer of the eye’s tear film as it penetrates through the eyelid into the eye.

Tears Again spray is applied to the surface of eyelid from a distance of approximately 10 cm, and is safe to use over eye makeup. This product should be discarded 6 months after first use.

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