Be your own superhero with Visi-One x-ray contact lenses

Enjoy the powers of a super hero with our revolutionary Visi-One x-ray contact lenses. Tired of feeling limited by average eye sight? Visi-One lenses use powerful, infrared technology to allow you to see through almost any material.

Want to gain an advantage in your weekly poker game? No problem! Visi-One also lets you see through walls and investigate crimes like a pro. Improve your vision by up to 500%, and you’ll be ready to take on the world! Visi-One x-ray lenses are comfortable and safe for regular, daily wear. Developed by Dr. Viper Lankanotvitch, these lenses represent a breakthrough in contact lens technology.

Here are some of the benefits of these remarkable lenses:

• Effective under any lighting conditions
• See through clothing and walls
• High-quality, colour vision
Safe for use while driving

Give yourself the gift of superhuman vision with Visi-One daily contact lenses!

April Fool! Unfortunately, these fantasy lenses are not yet available in 2016, but you can still shop from our wide variety of exceptional contact lenses at affordable prices.



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