Trachoma is a contagious eye disease that affects the conjunctiva. This infection is caused by bacteria of the chlamydia genus, or chlamydia trachomatis. Inadequate treatment of this infection can lead to blindness. Chlamydia is a parasitic bacterium, which, in the form of small beads penetrates into the mucosal cells where it grows, reproduces and resists defensive reactions of cells. This bacterium is transmitted by either infected mucosal secretions or through flies. This disease is most prevalent in developing countries in South America and Asia where, due to poor hygiene conditions, chlamydia thrives. As a result of poor health care systems, local patients affected by chlamydia and subsequent trachoma often lose their eyesight. To prevent chlamydial infection, it is necessary to observe basic hygienic preventive measures including regular hand washing and unshared towels. The same measures must be taken for contact lenses. Do not ever share contact lenses or lens cases!