Silicone hydrogel

Silicone hydrogel is the newest material in contact lens production. The hydrogel component helps ensure a high water content, and the silicone provides high oxygen permeability. Today, lenses made from silicone-hydrogel materials are more comfortable than ever, thanks to their moisture and breathability.

Benefits of silicone hydrogel

  • High oxygen permeability means low risk of hypoxia
  • High moisture content
  • Possibility of continuous wear
  • All-day and overnight comfort and convenience

There are several variations of silicone-hydrogel with technical names such as galyfilcon, senofilcon, comfilcon and enfilcon.

Silicone-hydrogel lenses are ideal for anyone who has problems with dry eyes or hypoxia.

Silicone-hydrogel contacts and continuous wear

Because silicone-hydrogel lenses have such high levels of oxygen permeability, many varieties are approved for continuous wear. Although it’s convenient, continuous wear does come with a higher risk of eye infection, including keratitis. Always discuss this with your optometrist before beginning a continuous wear regimen.

Silicone hydrogel vs hydrogel

Silicone hydrogel lenses are generally regarded as an improvement over previous generations of hydrogel lenses without the added silicone component. Hydrogel lenses ensure a high water content, but do not allow as much oxygen to reach the eye. This combination of silicone and hydrogel provides a greater level of comfort than previous models of hydrogel contacts.