Ocular albinism

Albinism is a genetic defect that causes a complete absence of melanin pigment in the human organism. Eye pigmentation is also affected. Due to the absence of pigment, the pupil and iris appear red in colour. Ocular albinism refers to albinism in the eyes only. Albinism itself, apart from the loss of eye, skin and hair colour, brings serious health complications. Thus, people with albinism can't enjoy the sun because their skin and eyes are not naturally protected from sun radiation. The sun's rays in contact with skin create burns and blisters that cause permanent scars and heal poorly. Bright light causes glare and pain due to photophobia. Albinism in the eyes can be corrected by using contact lenses, mostly by high refractive values. Visual correction is unable to provide perfectly sharp and contrasting vision due to the fact that albinism often causes very extensive and serious damage.