10 Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses with Makeup

There are 2 things we love about makeup: the rush of excitement from trying a new product for the first time, and the confidence boost you get from presenting your flawless face to the world. But for makeup lovers who also wear contact lenses, your beauty routine… Read more

Dry eye syndrome

About 50% of contact lens wearers suffer from dry eye syndrome, either occasionally or persistently. But just what is it that causes dry eyes? There can be two answers: either insufficient tear production, or any defects in the tear film. When your eyes lack… Read more

How healthy are your eyes?

Find out how sharp your eyes are with these simple tests. The following tests are just for fun and are not a replacement for a professional, medical eye examination. We always advise you to ask your optician if you have questions or concerns about your vision, and… Read more

Dos and Don’ts about contact lenses

Contact lenses come with many advantages, from their low prices to their comfort and convenience. But they also come with some responsibility. For safe, healthy wearing, it’s important to know and follow these rules for lens care and handling. We’ve prepared a short… Read more

Fight back against seasonal allergies!

Seasonal allergies can be torture for contact lens wearers. From itchy and watery eyes, to redness that just won’t quit, pollen from trees and grass just won’t leave many of us alone. Allergies and hay fever can start to… Read more